Open your eyes and tell me
How long will you keep this life?
Running behind the latest fashion
Won't find salvation or be someone
You worth more than we see
You worth for what you’ve got inside
If no one likes you here we are

It's not Ok
It' not all right
The shape is more
Than what's inside

Let's face things it's so easy
They all wanna be the trendiest one
It's up to you to be the first one
Or you can be the last
End of a century ,a new millennium,
Once and again over your mind
It's up to you to follow them or not,
Control your mind

A clear message, we shout it out
A clear message, to save your soul

Stuck to the ground

They’re all going forward
And I’m stuck to the ground
Seems that I can't find the clues
To move on with my life
She moved to another country
Got a son & now is a wife
And he's working out of town
With his girlfriend (and only 18 years old)

They're all deal doing it well but not me
I can't deal with that
I will never be the person
That dreamed mum & dad
Never gonna win at trophy
Guess we all agreed in that
I’m a natural born looser
For sure there's not another one

What am I doing with my life
Will I ever get it right
By now I’m wasting my time
To wanker than a real life

Go Away

Hey, I've got something to say,
I've grown up and learned my mistakes.
Hey, you don't know what I need
You ain't my messiah you won't set me free

Don't let that shit get in my head
Clear my mind fuck off go away
My mental health depends on me
Follow my instincts let myself be free

Hey, I've experienced the worst
24/7 my head against the wall
No direction, no control
No perspective, should I leave it all?
Before get crazy, before get insane, one way out
I must go away

Don't let that shit get in my head
Clear my mind fuck off go away
My mental health depends on me
Follow my instincts let myself be free

Go Away (x4)


So You wake up and decide to leave
Won't hear opinions you will never admit
Your mind is full of broken promises,
You're packing up your stuff,
My arms are broken and my hands are tied
Can't see where I’m going ‘cos I’m almost blind
Don't have the strength to hold you by my side
I’m Running out of time

And Now you’re leaving me again
And I cannot forget about what we had
It's not my fault, don't know if it's your
Tell me I need to know

It's never easy to forget hometown
I can't forget your voice n’ you’re fragance
A thousand miles from here you hear me scream,
I think that I don't deserve this
All in here has changed a lot since that
And times goes by like water in my hands
I’m not the same I’ve changed it is a fact
Still waiting for someone

End Complicated

I can't pretend It's OK when all is turning grey
They’re on their own don't
Mind how you’re feeling today
If you’re alone
If you feel sad is something they don't care
Keep doing your job and don't complain
Try to fit in their plan

Everything that 's good I keep it locked here in my mind
Now I’m over 20 and I can't help it
When I was younger didn't have to care about
Get a wife or get some money
I could get it from my Dad
Now that I’m older they say I must get a life
Get a Wife
To be a grown up man
I wish
I were 14 again

What's Going On?

I understand what you say
But I don’t feel the same
I must find the real truth
Not for me but for you

Hey! What the fucking is going on?
Hey! Everybody says I’m wrong
Why?! I don’t say that I have the right
But do they have it?

You accept what you are told by the teachers
And parents, It's time to realize
That they don’t own the right
That they don’t own the right

New Glory

When you’re lonely late at night
Or when you dance with other guys
But later come to me sayin’ that you
Need a real man
I Get that message now everything's OK

So will you let me know
This things I know for sure
When will you let me know?

We've know each other for a long time
So It's , time to change the things
A simple word could make me happy so
Let's live this fantasy
Did you get tha message?
Is everything OK

So many times
So many things
That I didn´t say
Maybe it's to late

Silly Song

A few years back we come out with an idea
To make a band and become our dreams so real
We never thought we would end up here
I Must admit this is still a dream

It's a silly song but we don’t care
‘Cos in the end we just do it for the girls
It's a silly song so we don’t mind
Got your money in our pockets , Goodbye

Started playin’ upstairs in my house
Mum and Dad I’m sure they were so proud
Covering bands that seem like good to us
Along the weekend just trying to find a sound

We don’t want your contract
In this we al agreed
Seems that you don’t understand
We only want some chicks
The reason is the same for all of us
We made this band only for fun

Wrong Side

Along our way
We've got to choose
'tween what's wrong or right
Basically our lives
We’ve got one hand to do
This acts that we think
And one hand to do
What you expect from me

Days are passing by
One after one
Don't wait for another
'Cos It's my life
I must go break down the walls
Even though knowing
The fact, that I could
Hurt myself but I’m going

We got a part
In this mediocre place
You point at me
'Cos I'm not the same
It's a different way
Where we see reality
See I’m not the one
Why don’t you come?

Join Me!!!
What are you waiting for?

Away From The Sun

Here we come nothing's gonna move us
Rather jump than take the fall
Inside the anger I’ve got for your life
Outside the fear you’ve got for us
Where we step won’t be grass again
It’ll be burned with our inner strength
You’re suffocated with this nasty smoke
No one comes to water the flames

Nothing will take us away from the sun (HEY!!!)
No one will take us away from the sun (HEY!!!)

You’re feeling safe & secure
It happens only in your head
You wish that I loose control
I just wish that you were dead

Covered with ashes from another time
Removed that shell and saw light
You couldn’t open your arms at last
You couldn’t reach that precious light
Spent your life running for your money
Trying to fulfill of comfort your hands
People like you doesn’t deserve to live
I’m gonna make shorter your life

Nothing will take us away from the sun (HEY!!!)
No one will take us away from the sun (HEY!!!)


(I’ve try to )
Tell you that I love you
When you don’t give me the chance
I see pass down the people
I see you standing there
You know you’re my kind of girl
don’t know what to do
What the Fuck should I do

So I’ve got determination & 2morrow is "The Day"
When I see you in my way no one stop me anyway
You’ve got to hear me say
This I feel is completely real
I won’t drink & I won’t eat till you say
That you’re with me

Seems all fun but it isn’t...
‘Cos you told me to go home

Ain't The Same

I've come to realize that you blame me
For what you cannot do
Can't even say your point of view
Meaningless life for you, goodbye
Give up guitar, can't play drums
And I think that you'll never can
And if you step into what's mine
I'm sure you'll have to pay a fucking price

I'm gonna be there so I'll see your face
I'll see you laying down
Time's running out should smack the stunt
But I know it won’t change a shit
Quit dragging people to a business when we know
It's not even theirs
Play whit the best die like the rest
I guess It's something that you’ll never learn

'cos we ain't the same (x3)

Time's Running

To all the people that's giving life for freedom
All the ones that don’t admit defeat
Its just a shout to left them know
since know you’re not fighting alone
pseudo leaders try to give you answers
I hear them talk a thousand times to me
Tv and radio part of their machine

Don’t let them fool you
Don’t trust a single word from that black box
And behave like normal people
Or you’ll be catalogued as a freak

(We) must raise your voice
Let it be know in the rest of the world
No color or race
Same people under the same fucking sun

Please tell me that I’m not insane
Please tell me that I’m doing well

This ain’t the life I want for next generation
Ain’t the life I want for me
Today’s not late tomorrow could be
If I were you I’d be movin’ on
Hopeless like you and me there’s a million
It’s just that I found what I want
You’ve got take some inspiration
From the simplest things of life
I know I’m not insane
You know I’m doing well